New Heights

True story: my husband and I met – and spent the first six months of our relationship – in Woodley Park, the upper DC neighborhood where New Heights restaurant is located. And yet I’d never been there.

So when I recently saw that I could book a reservation through Savored and save 30% off our bill (thanks to Lori over at Been There Eaten That for turning me on to this site!),  I jumped at the chance.

New Heights Interior

Turns out, what I always thought of as New Heights is actually a conglomeration of several different destinations, including the Babinga Bar, the Gin Joint, the Patio-on-Calvert, and the New Heights dining room, each with its own distinct menu. A bit confusing, but after a few missteps my husband and I managed to successfully make it to the right place (hint: go up the stairs).

New Heights View

Once there, the hostess showed us to a table with a lovely view out over Woodley Park. Actually, I’m not sure if she was the hostess, because she also seemed to be a waitress, an approach that led to really spotty and slow service throughout the meal. Good thing we had a nice view. 🙂

New Heights Salad

For my first course, I chose the field greens salad ($8), which was topped with little bits of blood orange, pomegranate, and macadamia nuts and tossed in a champagne vinaigrette. The dressing was a nice tangy-sweet combination, but I was a bit disappointed that most of the toppings slipped under the greens, giving a somewhat uneven experience.

New Heights Oysters

My husband selected the crisp Chincoteaque (their typo, not mine) oysters ($10), which were accompanied by leeks, salmon roe (seriously, look at the size of the roe!), and applewood smoked bacon. He really liked it.

New Heights Chicken

For the main course, I went with Washingtonian‘s recommendation and ordered the pan roasted chicken breast ($20). Despite being served with what sounded like a flavorful combination of lemon, wilted arugula, candied cashews and paprika jus, I found the dish to be really bland and unexciting and was pretty disappointed.

New Heights short Rib

Not to worry, though – I didn’t starve. Instead, I stole bites of my husband’s delicious braised short rib ($25). The pomme puree and spinach were quite tasty, but what really elevated the dish was the coffee salt sauce that the short ribs had been braised in.

New Heights Chocolate Carribe

Another hit was the chocolate carribe ($11) that I ordered for dessert. It was basically a large rectangle of rich chocolate mousse topped with dark cocoa sauce, chocolate chantilly cream, and cocoa nibs. Did I mention that everything in it was chocolate? YUM!

New Heights Fried Apple Pie

My husband finished his meal with the fried apple pie ($9). Between the apples, fried dough and cabernet-flavored gastrique, it was pretty much his perfect dessert.

Our experience at New Heights was quite uneven (poor service, bland chicken), but the things that we did like, we really loved (nice view, short ribs, desserts). If you go, I highly recommend booking through Savored. I would not have been pleased if we paid full price for this experience, but it was nice to enjoy a deal of a meal back in our old ‘hood.

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One thought on “New Heights

  1. Lori Gardner says:

    Thanks for the mention. New Heights is on my list. Now I know what to steer away from and what to order. I appreciate it!

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